September 25, 2018


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(TRAVERSE CITY & PLYMOUTH)  Golden Circle Advisors (GCA) has just launched a new and innovative approach for small business owners to sell their businesses, called the Seller’s Advisory Service (SAS™) Program.  GCA’s Senior Partner in Traverse City, Curtis Kuttnauer, said “This program has been designed to address the challenges small business owners have in unlocking the value of their businesses”.  Small business owners are ordinarily short on time, possess limited knowledge on the selling process, they want to maintain confidentiality and more often under value their company.”  Kuttnauer went on to say, “There are many steps to marketing and negotiating a deal that owners need assistance on to successfully close the transaction.”

Kuttnauer continued, “the options for many small business owners are limited and as a result most sellers end up attempting to sell the business on their own without the resources to effectively market the business.  As a result, some end up listing their business with a real estate professional then realize selling a business is much different than selling real estate.  The alternative of finding a business broker interested in selling a very small business can often be fruitless. The work a business broker must do, if done right, is time consuming and most brokers who sell small businesses will not give the sale the time it needs to be successful,” Kuttnauer explained.

The SAS™ Program has been developed for companies with valuations under $500,000 and is a modified version of GCA’s original standard engagement process developed for larger enterprises.  SAS™ provides a disciplined strategy to narrow the scope and process involved in the effort to sell a business.  Through this program, GCA is able to provide a discounted business listing marketing service, saving the seller thousands of dollars who market their business on their own.  The SAS program provides the tools necessary for the owner of a small business to sell his/her business.

SAS™ provides small business owners the key services and tools necessary to position their business for sale.  For a $1,500 one-time setup fee, the business owner will receive a business valuation suggesting the appropriate price to list the business and a professionally prepared Confidential Business Review (CBR) to be used to market the business to potential acquirers.  When the seller is ready for marketing and selling the business, there is a $250 monthly charge to market the business using several well-known business listing services.  With the GCA SAS™ Program, owners receive the listing services on multiple websites at a lower cost than owners would be required to be paid on their own.

As part of the monthly fee, GCA will field all inquiries and require a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement and Financial Statement to ensure any potential inquirer has the financial capability to purchase the business.  After which, GCA will make an introduction between the seller and buyer to enter into discussions and negotiations.  GCA will continue to be available to address questions that might arise; furthermore, GCA will assist the buyer in preparation of the first step, creating a Letter of Intent (LOI) to purchase.  Upon the sale of the business, GCA will discount the typical business brokerage fee of 10 % to only 6%, a 40% savings on the typical brokerage fee.

Fred Manuel, GCA’s Senior Partner in Plymouth commented that “SAS™ offers greater flexibility to the seller with a short time commitment and lower overall costs. GCA’s goal is to ensure sellers of small businesses put as much money as possible in their own bank accounts.

The Seller’s Advisory Service is being rolled out across Michigan and GCA has brought on a new associate, Andrew Hindle, to manage this program.  For me information, contact Andrew at (231) 622-1039.  Visit their website at


Golden Circle Advisors, Inc. (GCA) Golden Circle Advisors is a business intermediary advisory firm that specializes in working with small to mid-sized privately held businesses.  Working with owners in positioning and marketing their business for sale.  Using a comprehensive process to identify appropriate acquirers through various marketing methods and utilizing an extensive network, including private equity firms, owners of privately held corporations and individual investors.