What Is a Business Worth?

Many courts and the Internal Revenue Service have defined fair market value as: "The amount at which property would exchange...
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A Different Look at Valuing Your Company

Is there pricing elasticity? What's proprietary? What's the company's competitive advantage? Status of employment agreements and non-competes? Post-Acquisition: Are there...
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The Value of a Business: Get to the Heart of the Matter

What is the value of your business? There are many ways to approach that question -- based on complex formulas...
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12 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Company

1. Build a solid management team. A business with sales of $5 million and up needs a full complement of officers...
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What Is a Company Worth?

This question can only be answered by addressing other related questions, specifically: Who’s asking and for what purpose? From the...
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Buying a Franchise: What It’s Worth to You

If you are considering entering the world of franchising, an important consideration is assessing the value of the business. All...
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