Estate Winery in South Central Michigan

Price: $1,250,000

Location: South-Central Michigan

Industry: Estate Winery

Listing ID: CK230124OF

Status: New

Listing Description

This winery is a rare find as it is located in a rural area of South-Central Michigan. The picturesque location is in a unique location appealing to those who want to visit a quiet area, but not have to drive far from home. This rustic winery is located within a 35-minute drive from major populations centers in the East, South, North and West! Yet when guests arrive there is a sense of being miles and/or hours away. It is itself and escape from the ordinary.

The facilities began as an “idea” from a very imaginative couple who loved wine and wanted to build a unique wine going experience for casual and more than casual customers with an interest in wine. They were driven by the love of wine and the recent trends in adult drinking habits moving from beer and hard liquor to wine. The couple’s passion for wine can be seen and tasted in their facilities that offer a quaint menu of both wine and food along with music all included with a simple glass of wine or two. The first harvest for this winery took place in 2007 and the winery has been delighting wine goers ever since.

This down to earth facility grows multiple varieties of grapes in a casual atmosphere that politely say, “We are glad you are here and please enjoy the peaceful rural ambiance,” while you sip on a locally grown and produced wine. On specific nights, depending on the season, you will also be treated to live music performances by local performers and a collection of regional area talented musicians.

This company which is committed to providing sustainable grape crops provides perhaps the most relaxed winery atmosphere in the State of Michigan. The quality of the grapes is always on the mind of its founders so visitors are consistently impressed with the quality and reasonable prices provided to all wine customers. While visiting guests will find a staff that is very approachable and pleased to discuss the why’s and wherefores of growing grapes and the process of wine making.  This winery grows and harvests both red and white grapes and processes each maintaining the highest standards possible.

Currently, there are new proposed initiatives for the company to create additional revenue avenues including the possibility of a train tour through the area complimented with, of course, their own estate grown and produced wine. In addition, this company just last year started a wine club for patrons to ensure the opportunity for patrons to be well supplied in their own homes and expand their knowledge of wine grown at this particular winery.

In Michigan, wineries have become very much a growth industry and the location and very relaxed atmosphere in addition to great views guarantee a wonderfully relaxed and flavorful experience. The bonus is having an experience on a weekday or weekend evening that is, once again, a short drive from major population centers. There is much more that can and will be done to grow more than just grapes for these facilities and a new owner will find real opportunity to enjoy the process and opportunity to further expand and grow the business

Listing Details

Total Sales: $145,929

FFE: $163,030 (Included in Price)

Inventory: $102,000 (Included in Price)

Real Estate: $785,000 (Included in Price)

Terms and Conditions?:

Price includes real estate, structures, and all business & farming equipment. Value of inventory will be adjusted to the purchase price at closing. As of April 2023, inventory is estimated at $102,000.

Reason For Sale:


Training & Support:

Will stay involved to ensure successful transition and available for future consultation


Year Established: 2005

Employees: 4


Facilities Information:

27 acres parcel that includes 6 acres for the house, garage, ag outbuilding and tasting room; 8 acres of vineyard with 6.3 acres of planted vines; and 10.5 acres of recreational land that is largely wooded. The vines were planted from 2005 through 2016 of various grape varieties. There are approximately 650 vines per acre with rolled steel vineyard posts.

The tasting room & pavilion includes a bar and customer seating area, plus a large open deck. Also, a commercial kitchen is attached with ADA bathrooms.

The winery & shop building includes climate-controlled storage area, testing area with kitchen, bathrooms and additional storage.

The 2,440 square foot ranch home consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, plus a basement with an office, bathroom, laundry room, mechanical room, and additional living space. The houses main level has recently been updated with vinyl and porcelain tile floors and new cabinets. Attached to the rear of the house is a 3-season room with a hot tub that overlooks an inground pool and 2 car garage.


Potential Growth:

Additional channels of revenue growth, include:

  • Opening an additional full-time, year-round tasting room in a high traffic area
  • Development of a Wine Train excursion with Southern Michigan Railroad
  • Focus on wholesale self-distribution
  • Create a subscription wine club
  • Add a brewery operation and a spirits license
  • Adding a venue to the property to support weddings and other activities


Willing to provide limited seller financing to secure SBA loan