Specialized Niche Magazine & Publisher with 7 Revenue Streams & Opportunities for Growth

Price: $1,400,000

Location: Michigan - Business Relocable

Industry: Media & Magazine Publisher

Listing ID: CK140818FM

Status: Inactive

Listing Description

This service/publisher is decidedly unlike traditional magazine publishers. The company is number one in its subject space and the undisputed leader in its core magazine product in the U.S.  The magazine has a loyal following and is profitable.  The company has successfully separated itself from an industry that is in decline with innovation accentuated by adapting services and products to a variety of digital platforms.

The enterprise continues to develop innovative revenue channels appealing to the ever-increasing demand of their key audience.  Their growing customer base includes a younger and diverse population, with higher net worth and disposable income.

Some other key differentiators include:

  • Marketing power: Delivering a diverse, sought after, hard to reach audience
  • Diverse and remarkable revenue channels for a hard to reach highly desirable diverse audience
  • A unique market niche translates into advertising revenue
  • Licensing opportunities
  • Well recognized brand in a domestic and growing international market
  • Growing advertisers’ exposure through digital & print advertising
  • Considered an industry standard in their niche

Significant new revenue sources yet to be realized

Listing Details

Total Sales: $1,202,460

Cash Flow: $263,984

FFE: $20,284 (Included in Price)

(Included in Price)

Reason For Sale:


Training & Support:

Owner willing to provide necessary transition assistance.


Year Established: 1998

Days & Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, Normal Business Hours

Employees: 7

Managers: 2


Monthly Rent: 1000

Type of Location: Office Building

Square Footage: 1250

Facilities Information:

The office is in the most desirable part of the business district and walking distance to everything needed.

The new owner has the flexibility to relocate the operations without disruption. The business is not reliant on the location, as most of their freelance writers and one employee are located outside the area of its headquarters. The current employees can work remotely from the central office. This is at its core a virtual company.



Very limited since this unique publication and media company has successfully separated itself from mainstream publishing.

Potential Growth:

Sales in all of the revenue channels for the company are in an infancy stage rather than mature.  Currently, the methods and skill sets used for selling advertising are elementary, but still successful.  The resources available are waiting to be fully harvested and developed into even bigger profits.  The groundwork has been laid, however, currently, the company’s sales department is unde- staffed.  The addition of professional sales staff and leadership will drive the revenue numbers up.  Plus, by fully utilizing the company’s resources, maximizing existing resources and taking full advantage of the innovative culture inside this company, revenue channels will certainly take this organization well beyond the next level in very short order.

This company is poised for “continued” future growth.


Seller is willing to provide some seller financing to support buyer with SBA financing.