Buying a Business

Once the decision has been made to buy a business or look for an acquisition of a business to enhance a current enterprise it is time to contact Golden Circle Advisors (GCA).  The sooner the call is made to GCA the better. Good businesses for sale are not like grains of sand, they are instead a challenge to find and sometimes even harder to acquire.

There are many ingredients that go into the recipe for a successful purchase and some of those ingredients are listed below:

  1. What is the history of the business for sale in terms of revenue?
  2. What is the market the business is tooled up to address?
  3. What is the internal culture of the staff who have been doing the heavy lifting?
  4. What makes the business successful?
  5. What would make the business more successful?
  6. Does the buyer have the skill sets to continue and or grow the business even further?
  7. What do the financials look like for the previous years (minimum 3 years).
  8. What are the methods for keeping key staff with the company following the purchase by a new owner?
  9. Is the company a good fit for the buyer?
  10. Is there a way to ensure the financials that have been reviewed are a true reflection of the company’s financial performance?
  11. Most important, what is the growth story?
  12. What do national statics say regarding the price of the business?

Team GCA can help with all of these critical questions to help you build your own success story with the enterprise.