Business Auction Management

Golden Circle Advisors (GCA) is a firm that is a pioneer in the marketing and selling of businesses using a “Silent Auction” method.  Contrary to common opinion, selling a business using a sophisticated auction process not only expedites the sale process, but it is often the best process for getting the highest price possible for an enterprise.

The “Silent Auction Process” is a very positive and aggressive sales method. The steps to ensure the best result includes the following:

  1. Extensive measures are in place to protect the confidentiality of all business for sale information.
  2. Potential buyers are contacted directly by GCA.
  3. Each bidder must submit a financial statement with proof of ability to make the business purchase.
  4. Bids submitted represent a one-time opportunity to win the business from the seller
  5. The amount of each bid remains confidential prior to and after the business sale.
  6. GCA ensures a smooth process before and after the business auction concludes.
  7. Finally, a minimum bid is established prior to the deadline for the submission of all bids to ensure the GCA maximizes the opportunity to deliver the highest bid for the seller.

There is obviously a great deal more to this process, however, the seven points in the above outline the main and most important steps to the entire successful process.  To start the discussion email GCA or give us a call to explore this method as its track record of success is well documented.

Finally, the resale of an existing franchise is a particular good candidate for the “Silent Auction” methodology.  The reason existing franchises can be marketed and sold through our proprietary process is that the buyers tend to be current franchisees who are looking to add another location.  Once again, give GCA a call to hear more about this exclusive GCA opportunity to maximize your business sale price.