Franchise Sales

Golden Circle Advisors (GCA) has exceptional knowledge and experience in the world of franchising.  Sellers who are selling their franchise or contemplating the sale of their franchise business need to understand unlocking the value of their franchise is not the same as a non-franchise enterprise.  The first most important step is to have a complete knowledge of the parent company’s corporate overview and requirements regarding the reselling of an existing franchised operation.

The corporate office of all franchises have rules designed to regulate the resale of an existing franchise operation.  These regulations will have real impact on the value of the franchised business.  GCA has the deep experience and expertise to maneuver through all of the sign posts ensuring the resale goes well and all of the value is unlocked for the benefit of the seller.

In most cases, the owner of a franchise has no planned exit strategy.  In fact, it is more common than most people would believe that most business owners franchised or not have no solid exit strategy.  As a rule of thumb, every business owner should develop an exit strategy prior to purchasing or launching a business venture.  It is a fact of life that every business eventually gets sold by its owner and every owner should, at minimum, have an exit strategy in mind. GCA works with clients to make sure buyers and sellers have a sound exit strategy that will definitely serve their particular business interests.

Finally, for most franchise resales, there can be a benefit to utilize creative methodologies to maximize the sale price. GCA has a variety of ideas to help see that the business owner receives the best return for his or her years of work.  GCA will not simply put a business on the market, it will explore conventional and unconventional methods with you the owner that best fits your needs and delivers the best price possible.