Seller’s Advisory Services (SAS™) Program

One owner businesses are among the most challenging to sell. Although they often have achieved a great reputation, have real value and provide outstanding services, they are a “small business” without infrastructure easily defined and often undervalued. In brief, owner/operator businesses are as valuable as another individual is willing to pay and do not lend themselves to a balanced valuation conclusion. For this reason, single owner/operator businesses with a good reputation and real value in the markets they serve often go up for sale without ever being sold.

Golden Circle Advisors has an answer to this challenge and the ability to unlock the value of these local business operations. Our unique process aims to address this problem for the benefit of small business owner/operators. Not only does this program help owners who are ready to sell, but this program also helps to efficiently serve potential buyers looking for a quality opportunity. These small one owner businesses provide an excellent opportunity for those individuals who simply want to buy a good business that lends itself to remaining a one owner operation without the complications brought about by employing a number of people.

To help address the small business market, Golden Circle Advisors has developed the Seller’s Advisory Services (SAS™) Program to aid small business owners in selling their businesses and maximizing their return for years of hard work.

The SAS™ Program has been developed for companies with valuations under $500,000. The SAS™ Program is a modified version of GCA’s original standard engagement process developed for larger enterprises.  This disciplined strategy aims to narrow the scope and process involved in the effort to sell the business. Through this program, GCA is able to provide a discounted business listing marketing service, saving the seller thousands of dollars.  The SAS™ Program offers greater flexibility to the seller with a short time commitment and lower overall costs; in brief, when the sale occurs the seller/owner can put more money in his/her pocket.

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