SAS™ Program Information Gathering

Are you ready to sell your business and sign up for the Seller’s Advisory Service™ Program?

If so, the first step is for you to begin gathering information about your business so that we can start the Business Valuation process and Confidential Business Review (CBR) preparation.  To initiate this, please provide detailed answers to the following questions.  You will have the ability to save your answers and come back as you have more information to be added prior to submitting.  To assist in gathering this information, you can download a Word version of the questionnaires by using the following buttons.



Also, please use the following button to download an Excel Spreadsheet to enter any adjustments that are needed for your financials to reflect the true operating expenses and assets of your business.  This process is referred to as recasting.  Once completed, please email back to


In addition, there are several documents that we will need that can be sent directly to us as you complete the information gathering process.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at contact, Curtis Kuttnauer, at (231) 933-9380 or