Award Winning Estate Winery, Vineyard, and Tasting Room in Traverse Wine Coast

Price: $2,000,000

Location: Grand Traverse Area

Industry: Winery

Listing ID: CK230213WL

Status: New

Listing Description

Looking for a profitable and exciting opportunity in the wine industry? Look no further than this turnkey winery business located in the picturesque Traverse Wine Coast region of Michigan. With award-winning wines, a highly desirable tasting room, and a productive vineyard engineered using the best standards, these businesses offer everything you need to succeed.

Unlike many other wineries in the United States, this Michigan winery has a unique advantage. Michigan is actually the sixth-largest wine producer in the country, and as the popularity of wine continues to grow, so does the wine industry in Michigan. This means that there is incredible potential for growth and expansion in this area, and this winery is perfectly positioned to take advantage of that.

With approximately 50 acres of land and nearly 20 acres of healthy producing vineyards, this winery has everything you need to produce high-quality wine. The elevation and air flow on the property are ideal for fruit production, and the high-density planting and dry farming methods used by the winery result in grapes with intense flavors and aromas.

The tasting room business is situated in a 2,894 square foot building on a large parcel located at a convenient and well-traveled corner intersection.  With over a half-acre of licensed outdoor service area and an attractive mini vineyard for visitors to explore, this is the primary retail sales location for these estate wines.  With seven locally grown varietals, this winery has a track record of producing award-winning wines that can be found not only in their on-site tasting room, but also shipped to 38 states across the country.

Growth opportunities for this business are virtually limitless. With an additional 20 acres of excellent vineyard land fully prepped for planting, there is the potential to expand their product offerings and create even more differentiation in the market. The current owners have established several key partnerships to offer their award-winning wines, further broadening their reach.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an estate winery business in one of the most beautiful and lucrative wine regions in the country. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this exciting industry – contact us today to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $333,812

FFE: $40,271 (Included in Price)

Inventory: $513,144 (Included in Price)

Real Estate: $1,590,000 (Included in Price)

Terms and Conditions?:

The purchase of the Vineyard and Tasting Room is being offered for $2,000,000, representing a 15% discount of the appraised value. This price includes real estate, structures, and all business & farming equipment. Value of inventory will be adjusted to the purchase price at closing. As of May 2023, inventory is estimated at $513,144.

The Vineyard alone is available for purchase for $1,200,000 and the Tasting Room alone is available for purchase for $1,100,000, with possible adjustment to inventory value at time of closing.

Reason For Sale:

Owners plan to retire

Training & Support:

Will stay involved to ensure successful transition and available for future consultation


Year Established: 2010

Days & Hours of Operation: Various on season

Employees: 4


Type of Location: Vineyard & Tasting Room

Facilities Information:

The vineyard is on a stunning property, consisting of one parcel of land that spans approximately 50 acres, located in the heart of Michigan wine country. The parcel currently boasts nearly 20 acres of planted vineyard on 35 acres of vineyard site, with ample space for expansion.

Their tasting room about 3,000 square feet situated on an approximately 2 acre tract of land.


Potential Growth:

  • Greater emphasis on online sales and marketing
  • Building a larger wine club
  • New products every year
  • Expanding food and wine experiences
  • Adding lodging options
  • Purchasing grapes to improve profit margins
  • Hire a part-time salesperson
  • Onsite restaurant and inn
  • Focus on digital marketing
  • Solving employment/housing shortages
  • Investing in more food capability
  • Planting new novel varietals in additional vineyards
  • Install onsite wine storage facility to avoid costs of lease of off-site controlled  storage


Willing to provide limited seller financing to secure an agricultural or SBA loan